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RIDA provides business support and advice within the recruitment industry. We assist recruitment business owners to grow and develop their own firms. Our passion has always been in building and developing teams, divisions and people. Working with SMEs is in our nature; we have personally mentored in excess of 100 recruitment businesses to date and have had great delight in assisting them to become award-winning organisations. Until now there has not been an intensive development vehicle that gives SMEs access to the necessary support and guidance that is required to grow and acquire further market share.
RIDA SUPPORT provides business support and advice specifically to the recruitment industry. We work closely with recruitment business owners to grow, develop, and evolve their organisation.
RIDA TRAINING provides open and closed courses, delivered in-house or externally. Our courses are designed specifically for the recruitment sector and are delivered by industry experts.
RIDA CREATIVE is a specialist b2b marketing and comms agency designed specifically for servicing the recruitment and talent sectors.
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